Biography and Scraps of Information

Back in the old days, when Granny’s broom was the most 
useful tool in the house, and Uncle Harv’s pipe meant home, 
that’s when it all began.

On a cold and terrible day in mid Michigan, a secret board in the attic 
was pried up, revealing an old cigar box. Under an inch of dust, 
the lid was opened. Out fell a tied up bunch of papers and a 
slug from a rifle. Curiosity wouldn’t stop there. After opening the stack 
and placing the slug squarely on the floor, the stories began…

Surrounded by soap boxes from the 1910’s, and advertising posters 
from the 1890’s, and a musty smell that lingered in the nostrils, 
these images never left her brain’s right hemisphere. As she went 
on in life, she was ever haunted by images of happy people 
drinking beverages from 1912.

Escaping the winter doldrums and endless grey skies of 
the Great Lake State, she wandered the country off and on over 
5 years, eventually meeting her other half, Curtis Eller, at a 
musical instrument store. They traveled south to join a theatre troupe
 made up of 20-odd individuals. After three years of making posters, 
t-shirts, and other pictorial items, she greatly desired to go 
to art school to learn what life could not teach.

The year nineteen hundred and ninety five saw her and her man in 
New York City. She attended the School of Visual Arts and graduated 
with a BFA with Honors in 1999. 

After sixteen years in the big city, they wandered south again, 
in search of space, oxygen and a good school for their daughter.

She currently resides in North Carolina with Curtis
 and their little daughter. 
They call her Daisy Josephine.


Ink and Watercolor on very thick, hot press paper.